Interview with author Beth Elisa Harris

Today, I’d like to welcome Beth Elisa Harris, author of the VISION trilogy, to my blog.  She is celebrating the release of the second in her series, Soul Herder by sharing a little bit about herself with us! Where did the idea come from for the VISION trilogy? About ten years ago, we discovered some … Continue reading

Romance, Comedy, & Bonnie Trachtenberg

 I want to welcome, author Bonnie Trachtenberg to my blog in celebration of her new release, Neurotically Yours. Join me as we get a little personal and dig a little deeper in this charming author’s mind! Romance, Comedy, and Me It was a natural fit; a foregone conclusion. After two decades of writing everything from health and … Continue reading

Free Holiday Cheer!

I just wanted to write a quick post to announce an exciting new project that is underway! I will soon be releasing a new book, Murphy’s Bakery Recipes – A collection inspired by the fictional bakery in the novelette Dashing Through The Snow. This cookbook will feature delicious recipes for an assortment of baked goods … Continue reading

Would You Fight For Every Word?

So I’m rounding the third and final rewrite for my YA crossover novel, Freedom Road–the book I thought would have been out many months ago. That’s right, third! I don’t mean that I’ve edited it and rewrote one or two chapters a few times. No, I have completely rewritten the entire novel three times. This … Continue reading

Where has the time gone?

Yesterday my son turned four. FOUR! I know. Those of you with children in their teens or even 20+ are thinking, “Four? That’s just the beginning.” I can’t help though but feel a little down. Of course, I’m happy and grateful that he is healthy and thriving. But as I sit here and watch him fixated … Continue reading

Finding Ideas For Your Next Novel

Often times, I hear the question, “How do you come up with ideas for your books?” Just as often, I hear from newbie writers that they struggle with developing ideas for a novel. What should be one of the easiest aspects to writing a book, becomes a struggle. But coming up with an idea, though … Continue reading

Interview w/ author Katheryn Lane

I’d like to welcome Contemporary Romance author Katheryn Lane to my blog! She is the author of The Royal Sheikh and was kind enough to give us some insight into her world! You have a novel titled, The Royal Sheikh. For those who may not know, what is a Sheikh? ‘Sheikh’ (also spelt ‘Sheik’) is … Continue reading

Publishing On CreateSpace

I’ve heard for some that publishing on CreateSpace (formatting their books) has been a difficult venture. I found the process to be fairly simple and thought I’d share how to format your manuscript for a beautiful and easy publish. Although, I’m not an expert, the instructions below should produce great results and should be rather easy to … Continue reading

What do you look for in a book?

Most people have particular tastes in books as far as genre is concerned. I do as well, although I am a fairly eclectic reader. Books on my shelves range in genre from thriller, mystery, to literary fiction, to cheesy romance. And even though the majority of my interest remains in women’s fiction and romance, I … Continue reading