Interview with author Beth Elisa Harris

Today, I’d like to welcome Beth Elisa Harris, author of the VISION trilogy, to my blog.  She is celebrating the release of the second in her series, Soul Herder by sharing a little bit about herself with us!

Where did the idea come from for the VISION trilogy?

About ten years ago, we discovered some family history from Colonsay, an island off the coast of Scotland. We learned about our clan and others. From there my imagination took over. I’ve always been fascinated with the power of the sixth sense and human connection. The trilogy was because I needed the time to tell Layla’s story over a period of time and the spans large periods of time.

SOUL HERDER, the second in the trilogy was released May 1st. What can readers expect?

In VISION, readers are introduced to Layla, her family, her boyfriend and learn about her history. Her Clear abilities—the profound capacity to read thoughts and predict events through dreams—create danger and geo-political interest and bad things happen. She has a unique relationship with her mom and with a woman from Colonsay that blows the lid off life as she knows it. She discovers her connections and why she can no longer have a normal life. In SOUL HERDER, Layla is transformed. Without giving the story away, it’s a game-changer. Layla goes from isolated bookworm to a significant global citizen almost overnight. My hope is when readers finish SOUL HERDER they will recognize this is a story about transformation, connection, power, and fulfilling destiny. The geo-political component adds complex dimension but most important, Layla is not the same girl who left Portland the previous year. There is also tons of action in SOUL HERDER including an intense battle scene.

In your blogs, you talk a lot about the business of writing. Is being an author worth the time spent on the business side of the industry?

Ideally, I think most authors, if given a choice, would opt to write all day. The business side is unglamorous and requires a ton of daily attention, but it’s necessary to connect with readers, grow sales and promote your work. There is no way around it, unless you are not trying to make a name for yourself and earn a living. So, yes it’s worth the time and energy and effort, because selling books allows you to continue writing. It’s all connected.

Do you work another job when you are not writing?

I do, but I work from home from around 6 to 2 and make good money so I have an ideal situation for writing.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing?

Getting out in the sun and doing anything with my husband. I also love movies, music and reading.

What is the most difficult part of the writing process for you?

Honestly, I agonize over every word, sentence and paragraph. I lay in bed re-phrasing something I’ve written and can’t relax until I’ve made the change or at least jotted it down so I remember. There are countless ways to say something. Then I consider how the character speaks. Is it true to their speech pattern and vocabulary. When you write a series, the voices become second nature because you know the characters well. In the VISION trilogy, Layla grows, matures and changes through the books, so her voice evolves. Stuart, on the other hand, is steadfast, although in SOUL HERDER we see more of his thick dialect influenced by years of living in proper times!

Here’s a blurb for Soul Herder (remember, this is the 2nd book in the trilogy):

Soul Herder, the highly anticipated second book in the best selling Vision trilogy picks up following Layla’s kidnapping and bloody, near fatal airfield attack. After settling back in to Cambridge life with her Guardian boyfriend Stuart and best friend Sienna, Layla’s hyper-focused mom Liz forces her to leave for Morocco to hone her Clear skills with the ancient mystic Najee. But part of the plan disintegrates when Stuart receives a mysterious, last minute phone call, leaving Layla at the airport. Stuart blocks her from the hidden truth of his past while urgently dashing to Greece. When Layla learns his secrets, she is devastated and questions not only their relationship but their ability to move on together. Meanwhile she continues to Morocco and meets Najee, a quirky, wise man who seems to know more than he’s willing to say, prompting Layla to grow frustrated. When an acquaintance from the Branson Manor also visits, Layla has a new ally. As Najee begins his lessons to help Layla get in touch with her inner power, troubling news arrives and a life-threatening message in the form of a charm causing them to flee to safety. Najee leads everyone through the desert to a safe haven, an underground bunker designed by StoneWall where troops prepare for Bane battle. In a short time Layla is transformed to a warrior, and must use her Clear skills to outwit enemy attacks before they can escape. But her true test of courage is yet to come when the most devastating visions become reality. Will Layla surrender again to her wandering soul or emerge from grief to fight and fulfill her destiny? “The Vision trilogy transforms fiction to an art form resembling jazz music.

To purchase Soul Herder, click here

To purchase Vision, the first in the trilogy, click here

You can connect with this author here:

Twitter: @Bethelisaharris

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