Publishing On CreateSpace

I’ve heard for some that publishing on CreateSpace (formatting their books) has been a difficult venture. I found the process to be fairly simple and thought I’d share how to format your manuscript for a beautiful and easy publish. Although, I’m not an expert, the instructions below should produce great results and should be rather easy to follow.

I wanted to use MS Word 2010, but my Word decided to go haywire so I had to use the 2007 version. There are few differences though so the instructions should be the same with minor adjustments.

I am doing the instructions by bullet points to simplify them and give you less to read through! Don’t be discouraged, just follow one step at a time!

  • Open your MS Word Doc. with your manuscript.
  • Change the line spacing in your document. I used single spacing, but if you’d prefer, you can use 1.5.  Note: the greater the spacing, the more pages and the more the actual book will cost to print.
  • Select the trim size of your book:  Go to Page Layout-> click on size – you can then change the trim size. For mine, I went to manual to change it and type in 5.25×8 . *Note: what you see is exactly how it will look in the book, so if it looks funky, such as the lines being too crowded etc, you’ll want to adjust it.
  • 1st page center your title – you may want to use a larger font.
  • 2nd page leave blank (this is the flip side of the title page above)
  • 3rd page has title centered w/ the author’s name below it (may want to use slightly larger font).
  • 4th page is the copyright page – put what you wish, publisher, copyright date, ISBN number (If CreateSpace has not given you one yet, they will and you add it to this page then) **NOTE: It helps to look a regular paperback to see what their copyright page looks like.
  • The 5th page is the dedication page.
  • 6th page leave blank
  • 7th page -the actual start of the book
  • For each chapter, I started the first letter of the chapter with an enlarged, dropped capital letter–this is a pain, but looks great. Under the “insert” tab, there should be something that says “drop cap” – click on that.  I did mine so it dropped only 2 lines. Do this for each 1st letter of the 1st word in each chap.
  • Add page numbers– You want the numbers to start on the first page of your book so you need to add a section break before the first chapter- this found under page layout tab-> page setup. Then on the first page of text, go to “insert” then page number, which is under header & footer- there are diff. types of numbers. For ease, I did mine centered w/ a ~ on ech side like this:    ~1~
  • Margins:  the inside margin, the one closest to the binding, is called the “gutter.” It will always be slightly wider to allow for space needed for spine and binding of the book. Click on Page Layout –> Margins.  Then go all the way down and click on Custom Margins. A box titled Page Setup should come up. Then click on Margins and set up as follows:
    Top: 0.8” Bottom: 0.6”
    Inside: 0.7” Outside: 0.6”
    Gutter: 0.1” Gutter position: Left
    set for “Mirror Margins.”


  • Go back to the  Page Setup box, there’s another tab titled Paper where you need to insert the width and height of your trim size. (5.25×8).  **Note: certain versions of word may not have this, if yours doesn’t, don’t worry about it.
  • Go back again to the Page Setup box, there’s yet another tab titled Layout. Under Headers and Footers on that page I had the Header set at 0.5” and the Footer set at 0.1″   **Not:e: in your version of word headers and footers may be under the “insert tab” instead

You’re done!!!  All you have to do is save the doc so you have it in Word, and then save again as a PDF file & upload!!

As for covers, I’m less help. I took my cover (it needs to be the correct size, which my cover artist did for me) and I added it to one of their templates. I used the one where you upload your photo for the entire front cover and then the pack as a solid cover with a blurb and author photo. It worked out great and looked super professional.  Good luck!! Hope this helps!!


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