A Freebie Weekend!

I am pleased to announce that for the weekend of January 14th-15th, Waiting On Hope will be absolutely FREE on Amazon for Kindle! So, please, stop here and grab your free copy before it’s too late!

See what reviewers are saying about Waiting On Hope:

“…a phenomenal plot that is an absolute triumph. It is impossible for me to do it justice in my review – you just have to drop whatever you are doing, buy it and read it, because this is one book you will not want to miss.” –Maria Snell, reviewer

“I was truly drawn in by the depth of emotion…Waiting On Hope is an amazing story of betrayal, heartache, family, love and most importantly, hope.” –Amy Manemann, author

“Ms. Souders touched on a subject that few can write about well…” –Stacy Eaton, author

“…the narrative was crisp and fast paced….the author did what was needed without shoving parts down our throat that might have been really harsh to some people’s taste on such a subject matter. ” –Holly Hood, reviewer

“T.M. Souders has crafted an engaging and absorbing work with fully realized characters, dense and intelligent plotting and romantic as well as dramatic tension…as a man – I kinda dug getting emotionally invested. I had a tissue or two on standby.” –Dean Mayes, author

“This is one of those gems that grab you from page one and will not let you go after you finish reading the last word…I have seldom come across such well developed characters – they give you access to their innermost feelings, you find yourself thinking alongside with them as they work out their fears and hopes and problems.” –Maria Snell, reviewer

“This book gripped me from the opening lines.” –Karen Baney, author


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