Posted in January 2012

Publishing On CreateSpace

I’ve heard for some that publishing on CreateSpace (formatting their books) has been a difficult venture. I found the process to be fairly simple and thought I’d share how to format your manuscript for a beautiful and easy publish. Although, I’m not an expert, the instructions below should produce great results and should be rather easy to … Continue reading

What do you look for in a book?

Most people have particular tastes in books as far as genre is concerned. I do as well, although I am a fairly eclectic reader. Books on my shelves range in genre from thriller, mystery, to literary fiction, to cheesy romance. And even though the majority of my interest remains in women’s fiction and romance, I … Continue reading

A Freebie Weekend!

I am pleased to announce that for the weekend of January 14th-15th, Waiting On Hope will be absolutely FREE on Amazon for Kindle! So, please, stop here and grab your free copy before it’s too late! See what reviewers are saying about Waiting On Hope: “…a phenomenal plot that is an absolute triumph. It is impossible for … Continue reading

Words To Live By…

You’ve worked months on your new book. You’ve slaved away countless hours, putting you heart and soul into the pages, into the words and characters. And now it’s time for you to put it down and send it out to an editor–possibly one you’ve never worked with before. A person, whom which you know very … Continue reading