Forgetting The Holidays?

While perusing the posts on my Facebook account, I stumbled across a link to a clip from CNN and was, for lack of better words, extremely annoyed. The title of this clip was “Shoppers already lining up for Black Friday.”

What?  You’re kidding me right? To watch the clip, click here.

I understand people wanting to get a good deal.  Heck, I do too. And that’s why for the first time in years, I am going to brave the crowds and do some Black Friday shopping myself. But my concern, and what irritates me about these two people already camping outside of Best Buy’s doors is this: Aren’t we forgetting the true spirit and/or meaning of the holidays?

It bothers me that, instead of spending time with their friends and family on Thanksgiving, these two people are spending it in a tent outside of an electronic store. Where is the value for family here? Instead of spending the day reflecting on all the things they have to be grateful for, these two people are thinking about what flat screen TV they want.

Furthermore, Black Friday is a sales event (yes, to make money) but to kick off the shopping season for Christmas–a holiday, which in essence, has little or nothing to do with the “stuff” we are giving and recieving. Call me old-fashioned, maybe that’s a term I am becoming proud of, but every year, more and more, I see people so concerned with the material things in life. They have to have the latest iphone, the newest gaming system, or the largest television. I see too many parents more concerned with themselves and their own lives rather than spending quality time with their children and families. I see too many shoppers around the holidays being rude. And the list goes on…

So, I want to know. Are we forgetting the true meaning ans spirit behind Thanksgiving? Or Christmas?


6 thoughts on “Forgetting The Holidays?

  1. T.M., I give you a standing ovation. Bravo! I have contemplating writing a post similar to this for a while. It really annoys me how the meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas is getting so overshadowed with all of the over-the-top commercialism. I too love getting a good deal, but this year it has gotten out of hand. Even the tradition of “Black Friday” is getting skewed. I’ve been seeing advertising about “PRE-Black Friday” sales since November 1. It’s really sad. Thank you for posting this. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Robert! You should still write the post. The message needs to be sent through as many outlets as possible. It’s sad what’s happening. I seems so many just go through the motions when it comes to these holidays (especially Christmas). I wonder how hard it would be for most peopl to have a Christmas without presents? Even I have to admit it would be difficult for me–but I think that’s because I have kids. If I didn’t, I could easily handle a no gift Christmas, so we could really reflect on the true holiday. In fact, I already am constantly telling family members, “Don’t get us a lot of stuff. We don’t need it!.”

  2. People are certainly missing out on what Thanksgiving and Christmas mean! Thanksgiving’s a day we celebrate family, friends, the home we’re blessed to live in, the life we’re blessed to live. It’s a day meant for giving thanks. I agree that there are deals that we would like to get on Black Friday, but sometimes, I think there’s too much commercialism. Even for Christmas (and Christmas is my favorite holiday). We lose sight of exactly why we celebrate these holidays. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and we push Him to the back burner at times because of Santa and the best presents. So, thank you for saying this. This post is exactly what everyone needs to read! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! (Be safe on Black Friday!)

    • I’m in total agreement. In regrads to Christmas, sadly, I think there are many who celebrate (especially the young–and maybe Imaking too many assumptions) without acknowledgment or even belief in the religious reasons behind it. In regards to Black Friday, I’ll probably be so annoyed with pushy shoppers that my hair will be standing on end. Actually, I’m taking it as a chance to get out of the house by myself–which NEVER happens! There is one thing in particular I would like to get for the kids. If i get it, great. If not, they’ll never know and I’ll move on, lol. I won’t be waiting outside in the cold, in line, for hours before they open.

  3. I thought the same thing when I saw it on the news. After hunting down the video, I had to post it so people could see it was true–that people are actually camping out for WEEKS just to get a lower price on a tv. Guess I’m old-fashioned too, because this makes absolutely no sense to me. So much wasted time. And regardless of religious affiliation (or lack thereof), I believe the spirit of the season is about giving, sharing, and enjoying loved ones. Which incidentally, should be the spirit of our everyday lives.

    • Yes, I’m in total agreement. And I agree with your comment on FB~ for the amount of time they are waiting, they could just work and make the money to pay more for a TV during regular shopping hours. Crazy. Life is too short t be wasting a week camping out of Best Buy.

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