Screams and Beat-Up Trampolines: Tonya Kappe’s Writing Process

I’d like to welcome Tonya Kappes to my blog!

She is the author of author of Carpe Bead ‘Em, Ladybug Jinx, and more.

Today she is going to share with us some insight on her writing process.

“Good morning. Your coffee is ready.” My dear husband bends down and kisses my forehead before he heads out for work. “Have a  great writing day.”

I roll over and lazily look out the window over the lush Kentucky bluegrass meadow outside. The birds are singing, I see a few deer nipping at the berry trees, and the reality sets in….


 “Hurry up. The kids’ lunches need to be made. I’m late,” my dear sweet husband screams, waking me from my wonderful  dream.


 I shield my eyes from the sun blasting through the window, and look out to see my dog having a barking match with the neighbor’s dog, bikes thrown down, and balls all over the yard, not to mention a beat-up trampoline.


Before I get my foot on the floor, one of my four teenage boys run into the room needing a shirt ironed before school, and another one dangling a squeezed up tube of toothpaste in the air because I forgot to get some at the grocery store.
Now my real day begins…


I wish I could say I go to my office with a cup of coffee in hand and read and respond to my emails, blog, check Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking sites.


I don’t. I send my teenage boys off to school and get ready for the day job that I have in order to pay the bills. I go to said day job, come home, take boys to various extra-curricular activities, and then my writing begins.


Sleep? What’s that? I drink over TWO pots of coffee a day!


When TM asked me about my writing process, I thought I was going to choke on my coffee. What writing process? The  more I thought about it, the more I realized I do have a writing process. It’s just not a traditional process.


Some writing days are better than other. But I do write everyday and usually 2k words, I just take it with me. I wrote my first book under a tree during my son’s football practice.


My writing process begins with an idea, characters and I let them live in my world, in my head. I keep a writing journal with me (even at ballgames, honor clubs!).  The story comes to life and I write. I write in school car line while waiting for my kids, the veterinarian’s office, grocery store line, church (yes! God wants me to be successful and make people happy with my words.), I don’t plot,  or create really cool color coated charts. I just write. Generally by the end of the day, there are over 2k words that I have to put in my laptop…sleep? What’s that?


Seriously though, if someone really wants to be a writer, you make time for it. And even though my writing process is  different, it works for me. In six years, all my boys will be out the door, and then I’ll have that dream of waking up looking out at the Kentucky bluegrass.


Tonya Kappes, Best Selling Romantic Comedy Author


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8 thoughts on “Screams and Beat-Up Trampolines: Tonya Kappe’s Writing Process

  1. Tonya you are so cute! I really enjoyed this interview and now feel a lot more blessed/comforted with my writing process. Keep up the good work and pots of coffee coming. 🙂

  2. T.M., Tonya, thanks for this wonderful interview. A writer’s life is never easy, but integrating it into the day is tough. I really appreciate your honestly laying that out, and the creative ways you’ve dealt with the realities. Thank God for those notebooks!

    Best wishes on your continued success!

    Writing as A. R. Silverberry

    • Oh, Peter! I have so many journals where I just write long hand and I love it! Everyone of my novels has their own journal. Sometimes I doodle, cut and paste things into them or just jot down notes, but mostly writing, writing, writing in them. It’s so fun to see the process come together. I do love writing and do write where ever I can!

  3. This is the most evocative description of a writing process that I’ve ever read. I’m so glad that you write despite the chaos and that you haven’t put it off until the boys have left the house. You inspire writers everywhere to make time for their own writing!

    • Thanks, Carrie! I just want writers to realize that writing isn’t sitting in an office, or on a lake starring out into nature and words just come to you. Writers actually have to make the time to write, it’s a job and I LOVE IT! It’s worth all the chaotic stuff.

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