Posted in August 2011

As of Late

I don’t know what happened today. I sat down to “quickly” read the new blog posts for the blogs I follow, and it seems, all of a sudden, after days, even weeks, of very little posting, everyone decided to post something new today. Needless to say, I have a lot of reading and catching up … Continue reading

Chapter One – Waiting On Hope

I previously posted an excerpt for Waiting On Hope, but decided to post the whole first  chapter. Of course, you can also read a sample on Amazon & Barnes & Noble & Smashwords CHAPTER ONE She stepped to the ledge of the balcony, welcoming death—and the mercy it offered. Three more steps and she would be free. … Continue reading

My High School Soundtrack

The other day I was listening to the radio and a song came on, which brought with it a flood of memories.  You know the type, the songs from your past, which when heard have the power to transport you back to a different time and place.  I love when this happens.  I love the … Continue reading

Matt Damon Shut-up!

If you haven’t seen the interview with Matt Damon where he defends teacher’s tenure, then you should watch it, which you can do here.  I don’t want to argue the positive’s and negative’s behind tenure.  Although if you want my opinion, I think it has major flaws, which I will briefly explain later, but I’m certainly … Continue reading