Interview & Excerpt With Author Courtney Cole

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Courtney Cole, author of the YA Bloodstone Saga: Every Last Kiss & Fated, and the novel Princess.  Here’s a little glimpse into the writing life of Courtney Cole:

1.  What time of day do you like to write? 
Morning.  My brain is definitely best in the morning.  Although, I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night with a pressing need to scribble down a chapter or so. 
2.  Coffee or tea? 
 Coffee.  My fave is Kona coffee with cream and sugar- in insane amounts. 
3.  Is your glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? 
I like to think I’m an optimistic realist.  I know what the probabilities are in any given situation, but I always hope for the best.  So, I guess my glass is half-full.
4.  What are you reading right now? 
Right now, I’m working on an anthology with several other YA authors and so I’ve been busy reading their short stories. 
5.  What was the hardest part about writing for you (in general or regarding The Bloodstone Saga)? 
The hardest part for me is being patient.  I have these stories unfolding in my head faster than I can write them.  I really struggle in the middle… because I want to rush through and write the endings.  I’m a sucker for endings.
6.Were any of the characters based on you or anyone you know?
Hasani has quite a few of my husband’s traits (the cocky charm) and my husband is an identical twin, so that is probably why I made Macy’s best friends, Jess and Jenn, identical twins.  Although, I doubt my husband (or his brother) would find it cute that I turned them into girls in my books….
7. If you could date any one fictional character (this can include the characters from your novels) who would it be and why? 
Probably Hasani. Because he’s my idea of a perfect man.  He’s loyal, strong, witty and has the ability to be deadly if the need arises.  Oh, and he’s sexy as all get out, too….
8. What project are you working on now? 
I’m currently working on the short story anthology with Brandon Alston, Fisher Amelie, Wren Emerson, J.L. Bryan, Amy Jones, Tiffany King and Nicole Williams.  It’s called the Glassheart Chronicles and will be out in August.  I’m also working on Book Three of the Bloodstone Saga. 
9. What advice, if any, do you have for other writers? 
Don’t get discouraged.  Write every day, even if it’s only a little bit and you know dang well that you will be deleting most of it tomorrow.  Write anyway.    
Excerpt from Fated:
I was in a long, musty stone hallway.  I heard raspy whisperings floating from the end of it, so I felt along the stone wall to find where it was coming from.  Oddly enough, even though I wasn’t physically here, I could feel the dampness beneath my fingers as I crept along.  It was also so black that I couldn’t see a foot in front of my face.  Frustrating.  My bare foot slid into something furry and moving and I fought back a scream.  Whatever it was scurried away from me and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I approached the end of the hall and I found myself facing a door.  Light seeped from under it and I edged closer cautiously.  Silently, I opened it just a little and peered inside.  The first thing I noticed were a thousand candles floating throughout the room from ceiling to floor.   Their soft glow surrounded three cloaked figures and Ahmose. 

But Ahmose is who held my attention. 

The ancient priest was suspended in mid-air, his face contorted in agony.  I couldn’t see what they were doing to him—their hands were not physically on him, but he was obviously in excruciating pain. He writhed and turned in mid-air, but stubbornly refused to even whimper.  I could clearly see though, the effort that it cost him.  Sweat poured in rivulets from his forehead and his jaw was clenched tightly closed. A tiny muscle in his cheek ticked as he stared down at his attackers.   

“You dared to defy us?” A hissing voice asked and I closed my eyes.  There was so much malice in the voice that the mere sound of it scared me.  I felt my thighs tremble as I hovered quietly outside the door.  I couldn’t stand not knowing, though, so I opened my eyes again.

Ahmose remained silent, hanging limply in the air like a long, black dishtowel.  

“Answer me!” the voice hissed and Ahmose straightened his body out with a harsh groan.  Clearly, they were torturing him somehow. Mental agony?  It was though he was stretched on an invisible rack.  I could tell each time they inflicted pain on him only by the way he held his body.

“I did what was right,” he muttered limply, as his body slumped once again.  A thin stream of blood flowed out of his ear and dripped onto his dark robes and I flinched.

“How dare you think you can decide what is right!” another hooded figure asked venomously. 

There were three of them.  Like the Fates.  But their voices were not familiar.  The Keres?  They were small and hunched, but apparently lethal.  I frantically tried to decide what to do, but ultimately, I knew that there was nothing.  I wasn’t physically here. 

I peered into the room once again and this time, found Ahmose staring directly at me, his black eyes drilling into mine.  I clasped a hand over my mouth and his gaze never faltered. It was as though he was piercing my soul with it.  I knew, in that moment, that he had summoned me here.  He wanted me to witness this.  For that reason only, I forced my eyes to remain open. 

His feet were shaking, probably from pain, as he dangled like a rag doll in the air.  Blood was seeping from the corners of his eyes now, as well as his ear and I desperately wanted to turn away, but his gaze held me immobilized. 

“You will not win,” he finally uttered to them with great effort. “She won’t allow it.”

The three figures huddled around him and then stepped backward. 

“But we will,” the figure replied.  “She can’t stop us.”

**Courtney Coles books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.
You can visit her website at  

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