Blog Stalker Award

So, I got a blogger award from author Wren Emerson this week.  She coined it, the Zombie-Herpes-Badger Award.  This is a good thing.  Um…I think.  What’s cool about doing something like this, is that it gives readers a chance to know you a little bit better, while sharing an opportunity with them to get to know some other bloggers, particularly ones I, the Zombie-Herpes-Badger Award winner, follow.  So, here I go.  This is what the awarded must do to reciprocate:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to five new-found blogging buddies.
  • Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Again, my thanks to Wren Emerson for nominating me.

Now for the hard part.  7 facts about me.

1.  I worked as an addiction counselor at a Methadone clinic for two years, before my husband and I picked up and moved to Virginia.

2.  My biggest pet peeve is when people eat loud.  I mean, it really, really, bothers me.  In fact, I’ve even been known to throw food at the guilty.

3.  I’m part anti-social.  No, I’m not psychotic (I don’t have Antisocial personality disorder).  People just tend to annoy me, and I prefer my time spent making up characters and writing them instead.  Oh, and I hate talking on the phone.  Hate it.  These things go hand-in-hand; however, I am working on this!  I want to be a social butterfly, lol.

4.  I love wine.  Going to different vineyards and wineries is one of my favorite things to do, time and children permitting.  If you’ve never went wine tasting, you should–even if you don’t like wine.  After enough samples, it all tastes good.

5.  I hate cleaning and do anything to avoid it.

6.  I’ve moved 9 times in less than 7 years.  Not impressive?  Five of the moves were in the first 3 years of that time, and two more of the moves were in the last 7 months.  We’re expected to move again (once we buy a house) anywhere in next few months to the next year.  And no, neither myself nor my husband, is in the military.  As you can imagine, I absolutely loathe moving.  I’m hoping this next move will be IT.

7.  I watch a ton of reality TV.  I admit it.  I even watch the really ridiculous shows like, Rock of Love and VH1’s Tough Love.  My mother tells me constantly that I’m too intelligent to watch such trash, but I’m hooked.

Now that I’m done talking about myself, it’s time to name my winners.  I picked five people whose blogs I follow.  These people probably don’t even know I follow them.  I tend to quietly stalk blogs.  Maybe this is part of the whole anti-social thing…hmm.  Anyway, that’s why I coined it the Blog Stalker Award, because it’s good to have someone stalking your blog.  Feel free to stalk mine.  So here goes….

I’m not really even sure we’re supposed to be changing the name of the award, but Congrats Blog Stalker Award reciprocate!

  1. Sarah Ketley
  2. A.C. Katora
  3. Blake Northcott
  4. Ania Ahlborn (you said you wanted to start something diff. so tell us about yourself)
  5. Penelope Lolohea

Here you go guys!


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