Posted in June 2011

10 Reasons Not to Live in the Country

Looks beautiful, right?  Sure, rolling acres can be beautiful, but don’t let them fool you.  For those of you who love the country and rural living, please don’t take offense to this post, it was written in the spirit of humor (though not entirely), and the expressed reasons below are based solely on my opinion.  Also, … Continue reading

A Bit About Sequels

When I say sequel, I’m not referring to a second book in a series, but instead a very important type of scene that every novel has or should contain.  In real life, when something happens to us, especially something particularly upsetting or tragic, we need time to process it, to react–this is exactly what a sequel … Continue reading

The Lead or Opening

One of the hardest parts of writing a killer novel, is the opening.  It’s the start of your story, the first glimpse into the author’s style, voice, and what your novel is going to be about.  More often than not, an agent is going to read no further than the first five pages of any manuscript … Continue reading

Author Interview with Wren Emerson

Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you an interview with YA author Wren Emerson.  Her debut novel, I Wish… is the first in a series titled The Witches of Desire.  I hope you find her answers as fun and enlightening as I did. Is Wren Emerson your real name or a pseudonym? Although I adore … Continue reading

Blog Stalker Award

So, I got a blogger award from author Wren Emerson this week.  She coined it, the Zombie-Herpes-Badger Award.  This is a good thing.  Um…I think.  What’s cool about doing something like this, is that it gives readers a chance to know you a little bit better, while sharing an opportunity with them to get to … Continue reading

Characters with Goals

Okay, so here’s the thing.  Lately I’ve been reading, and boy, do I mean reading.  I’ve been flying through books faster than (this is the part where I insert a humorous metaphor, one where you all chuckle in front of your screens, but all of my jokes were lame.  So, I won’t try to impress you with my quick … Continue reading